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  • Creating Value For An Indispensable Touchpoint

    The strategy redefines the role the app plays within the larger digital ecosystem and is founded on creating value-added in-mall features and functionalities, designed in a pleasing and smooth style to drive utilization.

User-Centric Designs

The design offers a pleasing and easy-to-discover interface, with elements reflecting the brand personality and the OS guidelines; Android elements as SVGs scalable across multiple device resolutions, and iOS elements as multi-resolution PNGs to cater for different iPhone screen resolutions.

  • Seamless User-Experience

    The home screen provides direct access to key in-mall services, i.e. Store Locator, Hands-Free Shopping, Find My Parking. Cross-selling is embedded within the app, facilitating user engagement with the business. Push notifications are personalized to customize the app to individual requirements.

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